What’s next for Coventry Rebuilt?

Similar to any city, the project has no ‘end point’, it will continually develop and evolve. Below is a rough plan of upcoming developments:

Parade at Council House


With the loss of so many historic buildings, many of the stories associated with them have been forgotten. To bring some of these back to life, along with some of ‘characters’ of Coventry the following films are planned:


  • The Rex Cinema (Released 8th Feb 2018)
  • Fly around Butcher Row (Completed May 2016)
  • Fly around the city (Completed Sept 2016)

Upcoming Films

In no particular order – likely to be swapped around depending on complexity, history, length of film. Each will be tailored to the subject, some with guided tours, others as commercials / how to films made in the period. Ultimately a full length ‘feature’ film is in the pipeline, but this can only be finished when the city is more fully developed.

  • The Royal Palace Yard
  • Coventry Cathedral
  • The Kings Head Hotel
  • Coventry Fire Station
  • Palace / Empire Theatre
  • Opera House, Hippodrome 1 and Hippodrome 2
  • Bath House
  • Art School
  • Gulson Library
  • First Cathedral
  • Road Building
  • Market / Market Tower (update)
  • City Walls / Gate Houses
  • Council House – what may have been…
  • New Cathedral – what may have been…
  • Shops / Banks / Car show Rooms
  • ‘Factories’
  • Water Works / Gas Works
  • Brick Works

… And many many more…

Virtual Reality

This is one of the most exciting ways to experience how Coventry use to look. A short walk around Broadgate will be released in 2018 to demonstrate what is possible. Other tours will be released as the model and technology develops. Such as experiencing a ‘walking’ tour of the Rex Cinema including watching a film whilst sitting in the Rex. Watch this space!