No. 4 Broadgate

No 4 Broadgate

No. 4 Broadgate – an important location in the centre of the city. Astley’s was founded in 1730 – one of the oldest shops in Coventry selling a range of cleaning products. In fact the company is still going to present day –  


Anne Astley – Broadgate Coventry agent for Patterson’s Marble and General House Cleaning Paste.

James Patent Preservation Paint – for rendering timber and wood work indestructible or as durable as iron or slates. Sold by appointment by Mrs Astley, Oil and Colour Warehouse, Broadgate, Coventry.

Accident – An occurrence took place in the shop of Mrs Astley of Broadgate on Tuesday afternoon which had well nigh provided of most destructive consequences. An earthen pot or jar had been most incautiously and imprudently placed upon a stove in the centre of the shop, for the purpose of simmering or boiling a mixture of turpentine and other ingredients, when the jar flew, from the effects of the heat, and its contents took fire. The scene at once became most alarming, the blaze ascending to the ceiling and spreading instantaneously to the shelves and holes, wherein were placed good of a very inflammable nature. Fortunately, the time of day was favourable and some individuals who happened to be passing or near the spot, had presence of mind enough to resort to means suited to the emergency. The goods most in danger were pulled down with promptitude and well supplied with water and in a short time the fire was so far checked and prevented from spreading as to confine the damage to a small amount. The narrowness of the escapes however of devastating wreck of property ought to operate as a warning, for if in this case the fire had communicated to the oils, turpentine and other such like stock, no one can guess where the mischief would have ended.

The Patent Camphine Lamp – As an article of domestic use both for elegant and utility, the patent camphine lamp has now become highly appreciated wherever it has had the advantage of trial or examination and with the recent improvements announced by Mr H Room and which may be seen at the shop of the agent Mrs Astley of Broadgate consisting of the ingenious  chimney, the non conductor and the patent folded shade it is unquestionable a lamp of surpassing excellence.

Watkins & Co. Beg to call the attention of coach and harness makers and the public generally, to an invaluable discovery they have made of the preservation of new and restoration of old leather it will likewise make the hardest leather pliable also a certain cure for greasy and cracked heels as well as for brittle hoofs of horses. They earnestly solicit a trial, feeling assured that one will suffice to prove its efficacy. Sold with printed directions for use, by the patentees Watkins and Co. 308 Oxford Street and by their agents Messrs Astley and Co, oil and colourmen Broadgate Coventry.

Astley & Co. Broadgate Coventry Dealers in Terpauling, Sacks, Linseed, oil Cake &co. beg to inform their friends they have on hand a stock of that important and useful article Tar Cord Sheep Fencing, the utility of which above all other fencing for economy in time and money has been too long known and provided to require any comment. Manufactured by Astley and Co. and sold by them and their agents – Messrs Procotor and Ryland Agricultural Implement Makers Birmingham – H. and T. Proctor ditto Bristol C. G. Proctor ditto Emscote near Warwick.

Astley & Co. 4 Broadgate Coventry Beg respectfully to inform the Nobility Gentry and families generally, that they have on hand a choice assortment of French Moderator, Camphine & Paraffin lamps of the Newest designs, in China and Bronze. Genuine sperm, French colza, paraffin, and oils of all kinds. Wax, Sperm, Composite & Brinklow Candles.

Wanted a respectable youth as an Apprentice Apply to Astley and Co. 4 Broadgate.

Astley and Co. No. 4 Broadgate Coventry Oil, colour and seed merchants. Robe and Twine Manufactures. Dealers in linseed and linseed cakes. Sheep fencing, sacks, rick cloths &c. &c. Moderator, Camphine & Paraffin Lamps, Sperm, Colza, refined rape, lard, seal and whale oils. And every article necessary for lamps. Sperm, wax, Belmont, composite and brinklow candles.

Coventry Volunteer fire brigade No. 1 Beat included J. S. Astley 4 Broadgate.

French moderator lamps, Paraffin lamps from 1s upwards. Finest French colza oil, young’s non-explosive paraffin, wax, sperm, Belmont, and composite candles, child’s and prices New patent night lights. Astley & Co. Oil, colour and seed merchants. No. 4 Broadgate.

Astley & Co. Rope and Twine Manufacturers, 4 Broadgate Coventry. Having purchased the entire stock of Mr Joseph Morris, Rope and Twine Manufacturer West Orchard (who has declined business) beg to inform his friends and the public generally that they will supply them on the same terms as heretofore, and respectfully solicits a continuance of these favours conferred on Mr. Morris.

Autumn Sowing Odams’s manures manufactured by the patent nitro-phosphate or blood manure company limited consisting of tenant farmers occupying upwards of 50,000 acres of land. Odams’s wheat manures, Odams’s prepared guano appointed agent – John Astley 4 Broadgate.

To the editor of the Coventry Standard – 4 Broadgate, Coventry. Monday December 16 1867 – Sir, By the standard of last Friday I learn that a meeting of the General Committee of the Coventry &c., Exhibition was called by circular for Tuesday, November 26th. I am a member of that committee, but was not summoned, “ut antea” I am sir, yours truly, John Astley.

Native Guano (Trade Mark) The Native guano company (limited) are now prepared to supply the above valuable manure equal in agricultural value to peruvian guano at one after the price as manufactured at the sewage works, Leamington, under  Messrs Sillar and Wigner’s patent A B C Process. Mr John Astley No. 4 Broadgate Coventry. Sole agent for this district. From whom samples and further information can be obtained. Price £3. 10s per ton in bags of 2cwt each. Offices 116 Warwick Street, Leamington.

For back numbers of the work “History of Coventry” published by W. F. Taunton available at Mr John Astley, 4 Broadgate, Coventry.

Wanted a general servant who must be a good plain cook, also a nurse maid, not under 18 years of age, apply J Astley 4 Broadgate.

Turnip Seeds in every approved variety – Linseed & Cotton cakes. Sole agent for Thorley’s and Beach’s Cattle spice. Odam’s Nitro-phosphate or Blood manures. Long’s Specific for scab in sheep. Concentrated tobacco juice for dipping and dressing sheep. Spratt’s dog biscuits and poultry food. Manufacturer of ropes and twines. Rick & Waggon Sheets. John Astley 4 Broadgate. Ropery – Tower yard, Hales Street.

Taunton’s History of Coventry – Bound in Handsome Cloth Boards. Limited number of copies will be sold at considerably reduced price in order to realise, by J. Astley 4 Broadgate.

Agricultural seeds – Red and white cloves, Trefoil, &c. scotch, Italian, pasture and lawn grasses. Mangold Wurtzel. Painters’ Colours, Varnishes and Brushes.

Sharpe’s Monarch swede Sutton’s champion swede and other turnip seeds.

Burn Only Strange’s A 1 Crustal Oil – There is no Oil Equal to it for Colour, Safety, Freedom from Smell, and beautiful white light, one trial will prove the difference between Strange’s A 1 Crystal and oil sold as Crystal Oil. Agent for Coventry, John Astley, 4 Broadgate


Natrona Oil – For burning in all kinds of petroleum and paraffin lamps. Being extra fined it is colourless, free from smell and absolute the safest oil that can be used. The light from it surpasses all other in brightness and intensity. Agent for Hinck’s Patent duplex lamps – a select variety kept in stock with lamps by other makers, chimnies, globes, wicks &c. &c. Colza oil for moderator and solar lamps. John Astley, Oil, colour and seedsman, robe and twine manufacturer 4 Broadgate, Coventry.

Alexandra oil – safest sweetest and best for burning in Duplex, Silber, Paragon and all paraffin or petroleum lamps. Safest – its igniting point being 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or from 30 to 35 degrees safer than oils usually sold as safe. Sweetest and Bes t- Has no unpleasant odour and burns with a pure white flame, without smoke or smell and is perfectly colourless. Alexandra oil is the only mineral oil that may at all times be relied on as possessing the quantities named, so essential to safety economy and comfort. Sole proprietors J. L. Thomas and Co. Exeter. Wholesale of Palmer & Co. Clerkenwell, London Agent in Coventry – John Astley 4 Broadgate.

John Astley Agricultural Seedsman – The oldest establishment in the trade in the district. Please note that instead of printing and distributing costly price lists, J Astley gives his customers the Benefit of Supplying seeds of better quality at the same or lower prices – 4 Broadgate, Coventry Samples and prices fee upon application.

John Astley & Son – Oil Colour, Glass and Lead Merchants – Rope and twine spinners tent and waterproof sheet makers – 4 Broadgate Coventry: Blue Vitriol Lump or Powered 3d per pound.

John Astley & Son Oil, Colour, Glass and Lead Merchants – Ready mixed paints in tins, all colours (Own manufacture) 4d & 5d per lb Enamel paints (Blundell’s & Aspinall’s 1/3 tins, 101/2d each. Rope & Twine Spinners – Coir yarn (for thatching) 31/2d and 4d per lb – Marque tent and rick sheet makers – Lawn Tents from 30’ each Umbrella tents from 24’- each. Tents for hire. 4 Broadgate Coventry.

John Astley & Son Merchants and manufacturers of Machinery oils – Burning oils, Paint, Glass, Lead, Ropes, Tines, Scaffold Cords, Waterproof oil Sheets for Wagons, Carts and Vans, rick sheets, tents, horse cloths and table lamps, hanging lamps (single and double wicks and central air draughts) 4 Broadgate Coventry.

Astley’s Gas Motor Engine Oil – Specially manufactured for gas engines. 3/- per gallon in 1,2,6 nd 12 gallon tins also in 2/9. Cask free tins charged and allowed when returned carriage paid on 12 gallons upwards. Non genuine unless bearing John Astley & Sons registered trade mark. 4 Broadgate, Coventry.

Agricultural seeds, clove & grasses, for one year’s lay 8s, 6d per acre, for two or three years lay 12s 6d per acre. Mangolds, Swedes, Turnips price list free upon application. John Astley and Son 4 Broadgate – Established over 160 years.

St Michael’s Vicar’s Rate – The first batch of summonses proceedings this morning the court crowned – including Astley and Sons – Oil and colour merchants 

Splendid colour print of her Majesty the Queen (size 44 by 34) Price 2s 6d only Framed, Mounted and Glazed from 4s 6d. Sole Agents for Coventry – John Astley and Sons.

A request for payment resented – A police court – James McDowell, tailor Smithford Street was summoned at Coventry Police Court this morning for assaulting Thomas Ed. Cave 4 Broadgate. Mr Maddocks appeared for the complainant and explained the circumstances of the case, which were rather interesting. The complaint was an assistant in the employ of Messrs Astley and in the ordinary course of his duty had to write the defendant in respect to payment of an account. The letter was delivered on Thursday week and on the following Saturday the defendant entered Messrs Astley’s Sop in a very excited state and asked for the man who had signed the letter. Complainant said he sent it and defendant then said “I would screw your neck out, if you were not authorised”. He used an abusive expression towards complainant who then said “Don’t let us have this language in the shop” and at the same time put his hand on defendant’s arm. Defendant then punched complainant three times, tore up the letter and threw the pieces at Mr Cave. The offence was more of a technical than of a serious character by the proceedings were taken to show that an assistant in a shop was not to be treated as the complainant was. Complainant would be quite satisfied if Mr McDowell would express his contrition for what had taken place, and give an undertaking that it should not occur again. Defendant said he was willing to do this. He added that the amount was only 6s 9d and it was not overdue. The complainant poked him in the shoulders with his fingers and he defendant only returned the compliment. Alderman Marriott told the defendant that it was a usual thing amongst tradesmen to send out letters like this mentioned, asking for payment when an account was outstanding and was not a matter that defendant ought to have been offended at. The case was dismissed on the payment of the costs.

Boy Wanted for Office – One with experience preferred John Astley and Sons Ltd 4 Broadgate.

Tents, rick sheets, sun blinds, awnings etc. etc. Lawn tents from 21s rick sheets for hire tents for hire John Asltey and Sons Ltd 4 Broadgate Coventry


John Astley and Sons Ltd – Manufactures of Horse Cloths, Rugs, Waterproof aprons, loin cloths, and all kinds of Horse Clothing 4 Broadgate Coventry.

Young Lady Assistant Wanted Johnson Brothers 4 Broadgate.

Waterproof Sheets coats, leggings, horse cloths, India rubber trap aprons and lion covers, night rugs, jute sheets, surcingles and rollers Large stock to select from – John Astley and sons ltd 4 Broadgate Coventry.

Wanted strong youth Apply John Astley and Sons Ltd 4 Broadgate. Coventry.

Carter for delivering goods in town and country – John Astley and Sons Ltd 4 Broadgate.

Coronation Festivities John Astley & Sons Ltd – Will be pleased to give estimates for all illuminating and decorating of private, public or business premises. Tents, flags, streamers, trophies, banners, illumination lamps & devices for hire 4 Broadgate Coventry.

In this column every week will be found a list of the most enterprising local tradesmen with their Telephone Numbers. The list is always at your service to save time trouble and energy – Oil, Colour, Glass and Lead Merchants – John Astley and Sons Ltd 4 Broadgate

Tel. 64

To Horse Keepers – for horse-cloths and rugs, nose-bags and stable requisites, apply to the manufacturers John Astley and Sons Ltd – 4 Broadgate Coventry Telephone 64.

Wanted at once, rope splicers part or whole time. Astley and Sons 4 Broadgate, Coventry

Wanted Vanman good experience of horses, Astley’s Ltd 4 Broadgate.

Important Questions of Hiring Horses – At Leamington on Monday, an adjourned case was taken in which Messrs. J Astley and Sons. Ltd of 4 Broadagate were summoned for permitting a mare to be worked while in an unfit state on December 9th. A fortnight ago, when the case came on originally a man named Darbyshire, in the employ of Messrs Astley was fined £2, including costs for working the mare, and evidence was given the Messrs Astley permitted the animal to be worked but the objection was raised that they were not the actual owners of the animal but had hire her from another firm. It was argued that the Act provided only for the prosecution of owners, and that therefore Messrs Astley could not be held liable. The Bench now upheld the objection and agreed to state the case.

Wanted warehousemen – Apply John Astley and Sons ltd 4 Broadgate Coventry.

John Astley & Sons Ltd Manufacturers of Tarpaulins, Water-proof sheets Van & Lorry Covers. Aprons, Coats, Leggings, Sou’westers, Loin Cloths, Nosebags, 4 Broadgate Coventry.

Astley’s are the only makers in this city of Tarpaulins, waterproof sheets, horse cloths, oil skins, canvas covers, dust sheets, shop & factory blinds, ropes, cords, twines. Established 1730 4 Broadgate, Coventry.

Citizens of Coventry John Astley & Sons Ltd wish to draw you attention to an Exhibit of Ancient Interest in their window at 4 Broadgate

Nov 3 – Nov 8th Wall Paper Sale – Thousands of rolls must be sold all at bargain prices – Inspection invited – 4 Broadgate.

Factory for sale – freehold. Lofty two bay ground floor north light 202ft by 42ft other small buildings attached. Heating apparatus electric light and power water lavatories all standing on 5 acres ground. Ready for immediate occupation – situated Lythall’s Lane, Coventry. Details and price from Astley’s 4 Broadgate.

I’m Dr Ray of Sunshine and my prescription is put holviglass in your windows in place of orginary glass. Holviglass enables the healing power of the sun’s rays (the ultra-violet)to go through the glass into your home destroying germs and giving robust vigour and fitness to all the family. Holviglass means new life and health for children, invalids, everyone and costs little more than ordinary glass. Write to Holophane Ltd to-day for full details. Holophane Ltd Elverton Street London SW 1 Glaze with Holviglass “Health as well as light” Get the Holviglass booklet from Astley’s who will be pleased to supply full information prices etc upon request Astley’s Ltd 4 Broadgate Coventry. Phone 3137

Astley’s fluid disinfectant from 71/2 per bottle still the best value 4 Broadgate.


I’m Dr Ray of Sunshine and my prescription is put holviglass in your windows in place of orginary glass. Holviglass enables the healing power of the sun’s rays (the ultra-violet)to go through the glass into your home destroying germs and giving robust vigour and fitness to all the family. Holviglass means new life and health for children, invalids, everyone and costs little more than ordinary glass. Write to Holophane Ltd to-day for full details. Holophane Ltd Elverton Street London SW 1 Glaze with Holviglass “Health as well as light” Get the Holviglass booklet from Astley’s who will be pleased to supply full information prices etc upon request Astley’s Ltd 4 Broadgate Coventry. Phone 3137

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Bath Salts – owing to the large number of bottles sold and the increasing demand for refills, Astley’s Ltd now offer Bath salts in various perfumes at 6d per 1b. 4 Broadgate.


Astley’s for Quality Fireworks!

Example's of the types of adverts from the 1930's
Example's of the types of adverts from the 1930's


Montague Burton purchase the property…


Montague Burton appeal against the valuation of the property. The premises it was stated were purchased by Montague Burton Limited six months before they were completely destroyed in the big November air raid of 1940. They were then occupied by John Astley and Sons Ltd paint Manufactures. The case collapsed when Messrs Burtons representative admitted that he had no cause to dispute the statement of the district value that the premises had been in the market since 1937 at £20,000