1929 Miss Muriel Mellerup

29th June 1929

21 years of age, Miss Mellerup comes from Dursley, Gloucestershire. She has full tress (length of hair) of 3.5 ft and is an experienced horsewoman. However, she has yet to practice the art of side saddle that is needed for the pageant.  An estimated crowd of 250,000 lined the streets of Coventry to watch the procession. A full program of the pageant can be read here.

During her stay in the city, she was provided with a Riley “9” Monaco Saloon Car 

As a thank you from the people of Coventry, the following year, Miss Mellerup was presented with an 18 inch sold silver model of Lady Godiva on horseback at a cost of £72 

1929 29 June Miss Muriel Mellerup 1