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Coventry Rebuilt

Telling the news of the past, to the people of the present!

Coventry Rebuilt is a highly detailed computer model that will set the stage to tell the history of Coventry from its early origins to the modern day.

Coventry Rebuilt Time Machine

A Walk back in time

The Coventry Rebuilt Time Machine is a fully interactive experience. You’ll be able to wander the streets at will, enter buildings and even ride on a tram.

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Coventry Rebuilt - App

A Walk back in time

The Coventry Rebuilt App (launched 2019) was the first experiment in a new way to interact with the model. Future updates will allow you to explore more of the lost city.

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Forgotten Faces

A home for lost souls

When we pass away we leave the legacy of our life belongings behind – photos of family and friends. If no one living has a connection to these faces they often go adrift. Here these ghosts of Coventry will be given a home. In time they will be brought back to life.

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A moving history

A growing number of YouTube films have and will continue to be developed. Each will tell a different story, some will be an overview, others will concentrate on a street or significant building. Each film will highlight another thread in Coventry’s history.

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The hidden story..

Completing the backstory to the physical structure to why / how & what happened and when will be added to the website. But most importantly about the snippets of people’s lives in-twinned in the building’s history.

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Ancient Past

It started long ago...

An ancient city with a unique history. The early origins of what would become Coventry can be traced back to 700 AD. During the Middle Ages, Coventry became one of the most important cities in England, mainly due to its booming cloth and textile industry. During the Reformation, the city lost its cathedral. Later the city played its part during the English Civil War – ‘Sent to Coventry’.

Industrial might

The city of progress..

Famed for its watchmakers, industry took firm hold of the city. Watches became sewing machines, sewing machines became bicycles, bicycles became motorcycles and cars. Money flowed into the old, overcrowded city, many historic buildings were torn down for new developments.

Unfortunately, the industrial might of the city made it a prime target during the second world war. Huge swathes of the city were lost, what remained was mostly demolished to make way for a vision of the future. Over this relatively short period (1880 – 1960) 95%+ of the ancient city was ‘lost’.

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